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Capt Debbie would like to thank Rick Church for screening the calls, turning the dials, and producing the show.
Capt. Rob Modys

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REEL Talk Radio with Captain Debbie Hanson brings you the latest fishing and outdoor news, live every Saturday morning from 7 to 10 on 99.3 FM. We cover local tournaments, outdoor events and chat with local guides and anglers to bring you up-to-date info about what’s biting and where to catch ‘em. You'll hear about the issues that affect our fisheries and the latest updates from Florida Fish and Wildlife and Mote Marine Laboratory. Everything from tides to tying knots, and enjoying the overall fishing lifestyle is covered on Reel Talk Radio.

Reel Talk has something for everyone. While Capt. Debbie and her in-studio guests often talk about all things related to the great outdoors... and we can't forget about the ever-popular "Useless Information."

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